Heart Beat

by Grace Love

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Survival aftermath


In the eye of most...
What does survival look like?

Does it look like soberity after losing yourself in a bottle?
Does it look like being at the gym after being tormented your too fat?
Does it look work just to live?
Does it look endless nights of heart-staking pain that feels like your chest in gonna blow?
Does it look like saying you forgive but you hold a grudge?
The moment you know your worth and you feel it, what happens to your surroundings?
Do they adapt or do they change?
Do they flood you with happenstance or do they bury you alive with their assumptions?

My survival looks like one eye open to the possibilities of being destroyed.
My survival looks like being so far into a situation I didn’t know I was being murdered emotional.
My survival looks like keep the rain off my broken body no matter how hot it got.
My survival looks like seeing the sun through the cave in my dark mind.
My survival looks like floating without grabbing on to something that would keep me down.
My survival looks like believing that I deserve the big house with a white picket fence..
My survival looks like a woman who chose herself when they said she’s not worth it.





Grace Love Seattle, Washington

Grace Love, the author and composer, is an award-winning musical artist. She was raised on soul music, southern food and stories about the south. She grew up in Tacoma, which infused her R&B melodies with grit and grunge. In between performing gigs and musicals, she hopes to open a food cart named after her mother, Nadine, while serenading her customers with her unique brand of soul. ... more

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